Folbeck 4WD has specialized in suspensions systems and front end alignments for 34 years. With the cost of tires nowadays it is extremely important for your suspension and alignment to be perfect. From stock, lifted or lowered, we understand what it takes to make your vehicle perform the way you expect. Whether you are looking to install a lift or replace your existing shocks, we have the knowledge and experience to bring exceptional quality. We are the experts you want working on the undercarriage of your vehicle.

We also specialize in quality lift-kit installations.

Alignments can identify a wide variety of suspension problems, recommend getting an alignment at least once a year, and sometimes more. And while this may seem excessive, it will prolong the life of your tires, deliver better gas mileage and help you capitalize on your vehicle’s general performance. At Folbeck 4WD, we offer detailed computer alignments in order to ensure provide the most accurate alignment possible. For all of your suspension and alignment needs, Folbeck 4WD is your experienced 4WD maintenance shop in Reno and Sparks.

If you’ve experienced the dreaded “death wobble,” then you know how frightening (and then frustrating) the condition can be. As you likely already know if you are visiting this section of our site, the term “death wobble” refers to the nasty front-end wobble that usually begins as the effect of one tire hitting a bump which unloads the front suspension and the wobble starts, only to stop when the brakes are applied and the vehicle comes to a complete stop. While this is most common in Jeep and Dodge vehicles, it is not uncommon in Chevrolet and Ford Vehicles also.

We understand what a huge problem the “death wobble” can present to your vehicles, and whether you are looking to prevent or repair the death wobble, Folbeck 4WD is the expert you need. Contact us today for more information.

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