The drivetrain was referred to by popular mechanics as maybe “one of the least understood parts of a vehicle.” Yes, the drivetrain can be complex, but Folbeck 4WD is capable of handling any drivetrain repair, including differential, transmission or transfer case overhaul. We also pecialize in gear ration changes to optimize power and fuel economy.

At Folbeck 4WD, we are glad to offer our transmission, transfer case and differential service expertise. As the root of many 4WD issues, your transmission and differential require special service, maintenance, and sometimes repair. We’ll expertly diagnose any issues you may be having and not only fix the problem, but also assist you in preventing the same issue from occurring in the future (if, of course, it is preventable).
If you have a 4-wheel-drive vehicle, then you likely have a transfer case, which allows the front and rear axles to spin at different speeds (and provide power to each). Therefore, without a properly functioning transfer case, your off-road vehicle won’t be able to achieve the high torque, which can be a problem in those situations when you need the extra traction and expect your vehicle to perform. A busted or malfunctioning transfer case can be noisy and annoying. Worse yet, it can negatively impact your differential and transmission.

There’s no need to wait until the problem affects other areas of your vehicle. Folbeck 4WD is an expert in servicing and repairing 4WD transfer cases. Bring your vehicle down today and we’ll diagnose and repair the issue and get you back off-road.

Sometimes 4WD vehicles require a complete engine overhaul. While it can be a complex and timely process, it may be the best way to ensure that your off-road vehicle performs to your standards. To see if this is an option for you, bring your vehicle into our experts and let’s discuss your options.