There are substantial differences between the operations of gas and diesel vehicles. However, some shops use the same technicians on both. This is not part of our philosophy, as our full-service diesel shop in Reno-Sparks only allows diesel specialists to work on your truck. These technicians are highly trained to know all the complexities of your vehicle, and they provide the most competent diesel service and repair in Reno and Sparks.

Diesel expertise becomes critical when you are looking to customize your diesel truck or improve its performance. Our hands-on experience enables us to provide expert advice to help guide you through decisions about which products and accessories are ideal for your on and off-road goals. We want your diesel to have the diesel-specific options and craftsmanship to achieve noticeable improvements in performance, and better fuel economy.

Don’t subject your diesel truck to general mechanics. Visit us at Folbeck 4WD and talk with our experts; the difference between what we can offer compared to the general box shops will be easy to recognize. Fitted with only the most compatible and effective parts, we will ensure your diesel operates beyond even your most ambitious dreams.

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